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Light Bladder Leaks During Pregnancy

Mar 02, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Bringing new life into this world is decidedly one of the most magical and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. Ask any mother and she will tell you that becoming a mom is her greatest accomplishment. She will say that every second of pain and every strange change to her body was absolutely worth it to bring that child into the world. 

How to: Properly Store Revive® & Tips

Mar 02, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Every year, it’s estimated that nearly one out of four women over the age of 18 will experience some form of light bladder leaks. These leaks don’t discriminate, either - they can impact women of all ages and of varying medical and personal histories. While there are several kinds of urinary incontinence, one of the most common (and bothersome) forms that can manifest is Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI.

Can I Use Revive®?: How to Know if Revive is Right for You

Feb 28, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Every year, up to 15 million women in the US alone suffer from light bladder leaks associated with Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI. SUI is a form of urinary incontinence in which the leaks are triggered by movement or motion that puts pressure or “stress” on the abdomen, bladder, and/or urinary tract. This can be from running, jumping, laughing, sneezing, etc.

Light Bladder Leakage Odor

Feb 26, 2020 Jarrett Webster

It’s kind of a social situation nightmare - you’re out with friends, or at work, or shopping somewhere and you keep smelling something and looking around to find the source only to come to the realization that the odor is coming from YOU.

How to: Reach Out for Help with Light Bladder Leaks

Feb 24, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Despite the fact that humans are social creatures by nature, we tend to shut down and isolate ourselves when we’re dealing with personal problems. During transitional phases, changes in physical or mental health, or even just a rough day, when we should be connecting and communicating how we feel, is when we tend to shut down the most. We convince ourselves that we can handle it on our own, that our problems shouldn’t have to bother anyone else.

Urinary Health Tips

Feb 21, 2020 Jarrett Webster

With every new year comes a new set of goals, and so many of us have one in common: to improve our health! This may manifest in different ways for different people. For some, quitting smoking is the best step for their health, while others may be starting yoga or eating more vegetables.

4 Common Causes of Light Bladder Leaks

Feb 07, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Our health and overall sense of wellbeing is a fragile thing, probably more so than we realize. Every choice we make - what we eat, how we exercise, what hobbies we have, and the people we surround ourselves with, can all influence our health and quality of life. A common challenge to quality of life that people may face throughout the course of their lives, is light bladder leakage whenever they laugh, sneeze, run, or bend over.

The Impact of Bladder Leaks on Existing Mental Health Issues

Feb 05, 2020 Jarrett Webster

Being a functioning person can seem so hard sometimes. Between work and family and day-to-day life, it can get overwhelming. Add mental illness like depression or anxiety to the mix and life can go from overwhelming to unbearable. Luckily, modern medicine, advancements in mental health science, and changing views surrounding therapy have allowed plenty of people to get help and live full, happy lives.

Kegel Devices - Are They Worth It?

Feb 04, 2020 Jarrett Webster

If you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) light bladder leaks, you have most certainly looked for solutions to keep you dry and maintain your day-to-day lifestyle. Any quick search on the Internet for incontinence products will provide you with overwhelming information on pads, liners, surgeries, medications, and even injections which are all on the market for purchase or by prescription.