Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tips on Bladder Leaks

    SUI Tips

    Our team is excited and privileged to bring to you a solution that prevents light bladder leaks.  Revive® is a comfortable, easy-to-use product that will bring comfort and confidence to you every day.

    Along with our product, good pelvic health is our priority.

    Some tips, that when coupled with our product, will help you achieve the level of dryness you want and deserve and increase your pelvic health.

    Exercise Tips:

    Pelvic floor Muscle Exercises (also called Kegel exercises)

    Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  You perform Kegels by contracting (squeezing) and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles many times a day.  Pelvic floor muscles help support the bladder and other organs. Exercising these muscles can make them stronger and help reduce or eliminate your SUI symptoms. To get the most benefit, do these exercises every day.

    To make sure you perform these exercises correctly, your healthcare provider may refer you to a physical therapist. This therapist is someone who specializes in strengthening pelvic muscles.

    Dietary Tips:

    Simple diet changes can solve some of your medical conditions. There are certain foods that trigger urinary incontinence.

    Here are the ones to embrace and help you stay dry:  fiber from fruits, veggies, whole grains.  Drink the recommended amounts of water per day… yes, water!

    Here are the ones to avoid: Foods which are spicy, honey, caffeine, alcohol, sodas or fizzy drinks, corn syrup, vinegar, chocolate, honey, tomatoes, fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners, and dairy and citrus juices.

    Maintain Good Bowel Function

    Constipation can make incontinence worse.  Try to prevent constipation. Eat high fiber foods (fruit, beans, and dark colored vegetables) to encourage regular bowel movements.  It helps to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day, and exercise daily.

    Maintain a Healthy Weight 

    People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop SUI. Losing weight reduces the severity of SUI.  Many people find that losing just 10 pounds can lead to fewer leaks.  Your healthcare provider can help you set safe, realistic goals for weight loss.

    Quit Smoking 

    Quitting smoking is on the most important things you can do for your health.  A chronic cough from smoking may increase the frequency and severity of leaks.  It may also cause added strain on the pelvic floor.  When you quit smoking, coughing may decrease.  This helps to reduce pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, which reduces leaks.


    Keep notes to track your daily activities, diet, and leaking episodes.  You can use the diary as a foundation for discussions between you and your doctor or physical therapist.

    Bladder Training 

    A bladder diary is the starting point for bladder training.  You record:

    1. How much you drink
    2. When you urinate
    3. When leaks occur

    The diary allows you and your healthcare provider to see how often you urinate now and whether bladder training can help you.  With bladder training, y9our healthcare provider may ask you to follow a fixed schedule to urinate.  You may be asked to lengthen the time between bathroom visits by small amounts over time.  It is important to try this only if your healthcare provider suggest it as some people have more urine leaks when they wait too long to go to the bathroom.

  • Tips on Revive®

    Did You Place Revive In Deep Enough?

    • How Do I Know if I’ve Inserted the Revive Bladder Support Device Correctly?
    • If it is uncomfortable, remove and reinsert.
    • Make sure when placing you are pushing it in as far as possible, flat side down.
    • Some users like to use both hands when placing the Revive Pessary. Once inserted, uses one hand at the grip area of the dark blue BODY to hold it in place and the other hand to push the light blue advancer forward.
    • If you try Revive and find that it is not a proper fit, please talk to your healthcare provider to discuss other solutions. It is always recommended to talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing SUI symptoms at any stage. Likewise, Ovala Inc. – the manufacturer of Revive – has a Customer Care team available between 9-5 pm EST at 1-866-STOPLBL (1-866-786-7525) to answer any additional questions you have about Revive – or how to use it. it is our recommendation that you continue to try to use the Revive device for a minimum of one week.  This timeframe may allow for the Revive support to help in reducing your light bladder leaks.

    Using a water-based vaginal lubricant can help you when you first use Revive

    • Can I use a Lubricant with Revive?
    • Yes, we recommend a water based lubricant, not silicone based. A small amount of water-based lubricant can be used on applicator only.  Revive needs the friction to work properly.

    Ring direction for use

    • What direction should the rings be?
    • The Revive product has two rings for stabilizing or holding the Revive Pesssary in the right location.   It is best to load the Reusable Applicator with the smaller inner ring facing upwards or towards your belly.  When delivered, the smaller ring will face your belly and the larger out ring will face your back.