How Revive ® can help your patients and your practice
Revive ® is an SUI treatment that is effective and transformative.
Revive ® has a revolutionary approach to pessaries.
  • The Revive® product works by placing pressure on the anterior wall of the vaginal tract to support the urethral muscles and reduce urine leakage.
  • The key pieces of this technology are the flexible pressured tab at the front of the device and the stability rings.
    • This flexible tab of the product (patent pending) provides the support to the muscles around the urethra.
    • The ring design (patent pending) maintains stability in the greatly variable anatomy of the vaginal tract.
  • It can be managed by the patient and no sizing is required.
  • Simple, easy to use and integrate into your practice.
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  • Most used for patients with:
  1. SUI
  2. Post-Partum
  3. Early-stage Prolapse
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Fill the gap in SUI management

Help your patients with this commonly “not talked about” disease state that have both physiological and psychological impact on patient’s quality of life.

Many women battle quietly with absorbent pads, physical therapy, or more invasive treatments.

Help give them an option and expand your practice with another tool to address SUI.

What makes Revive® transformative?

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 Existing Pessaries

No sizing required due to shape and ring-retention design.

Sizing required due to traditional shape designs.

Self-inserted and managed with reusable applicator and disposable string system.

Manual insertion, management, and removal by healthcare provider.

Tools to test each patient in the office (if desired). Learn More Multiple fitting and shape determination.
31 day product that is about a $1.00 per day. Traditional reusable pessaries require constant handling.

Available OTC or within your practice.

  - We have a testing kit (Physician only) and our 31-day device Learn More
Prescribed and/or administered by healthcare provider.

Take just 5 minutes out of your day to introduce Revive to your patient. It  is that quick and supported by CPT codes.

Long process in fitting traditional pessaries.