How to: Properly Store Revive® & Tips

Every year, it’s estimated that nearly one out of four women over the age of 18 will experience some form of light bladder leaks. These leaks don’t discriminate, either - they can impact women of all ages and of varying medical and personal histories. While there are several kinds of urinary incontinence, one of the most common (and bothersome) forms that can manifest is Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI. SUI is the type of urinary incontinence in which movement or pressure that disturbs or moves the bladder, abdomen, or urinary tract causes a leak. The triggers can be as small as a cough or sneeze, or as intense as running or heavy lifting. While plenty of women find themselves experiencing LBL, especially after having children or as they get older, it’s still embarrassing and oftentimes involved and expensive to take care of. Because of this, women’s health company, Rinovum, worked with doctors and researchers to develop a new solution for women dealing with SUI called Revive®.

What is Revive®?

So, what is Revive® and how does it work? Revive, in essence, is a one size, reusable pessary device that is designed to support the bladder from the inside out. Pessaries have been around thousands of years and can be defined as “a prosthetic device that can be inserted into the vagina to support its internal structure. It’s often used in the case of urinary incontinence and vaginal or pelvic organ prolapse,” by Healthline. The device is inserted much like a tampon and can be worn to discreetly reduce leaks for up to 12 hours a day. Revive was made to be comfortable! It’s made of soft, flexible, skin-safe silicone that moves with every twist and turn of the body. One of the best parts? Revive is reusable! This not only helps to reduce the amount of waste that is created from incontinence pads and other products but can also save you some money in the process. Every box contains everything you’ll need for a month’s worth of dry days - the Revive device, reusable applicator, replacement retrieval strings, and carrying case. Once done with Revive for the day, the device is removed via retrieval strings (also similar to a tampon), washed, dried, and stored until the next use. Properly cleaning and storing the Revive device is critical to maintaining vaginal and urinary health, as well as ensuring that the device can properly reduce leaks.

How to Clean & Store Your Device

To properly clean the device, you must disassemble the applicator and dispose of the used string. Hand wash the applicator, advancer, and actual device with gentle soap and ensure that no bubbles remain after rinsing. After cleaning the device with warm water and a fragrance-free soap, drying, and ensuring that there is no soil in or on the device, it’s time to store it. In the provided carrying case, everything has its “place” in which it was originally packaged. Make sure that the device and applicator are dry before placing it back into the packaging. Your Revive is now ready to be used the next time you need it.

Usage & Storage Tips

Talk to your doctor and see if Revive is right for you (although, there is no need for a prescription!). Once you’re comfortable with the device and its process, you’ll want to take Revive everywhere! Here are some tips to help you do just that: Save a Pocket - Revive’s carrying case was designed to be sleek and small enough to fit easily in a purse or bag, it’s not much bigger than a wallet. Designate a pocket in your purse just for Revive. This way, you’ll know it fits, you know you have it packed, and you won’t have to go digging when you need it the most. Seeing Double - Much like a great pair of shoes or go-to lipstick, when something works, it just makes sense to stock up on it. Having more than one box of Revive makes it easy to stay dry, no matter what the day brings. Besides having one in your purse, try one in your travel bag or in your desk at work, and save yourself the embarrassment. Save Even More - If you love Revive as much as we do, you can save 20% on your next order when you sign up for the Revive newsletter. Sign up and get updates, access to exclusive deals, and much more, before everyone else! Share Your Story - We love hearing from our happy customers, which is why we’ll give you a free month’s supply of Revive when you share your story with us! Tell us about your experience with Revive here, let us know, and we’ll send you a free box! You can find Revive online or at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and Giant Eagle.