Why is Revive Available Over-the-Counter?

For countless women in the US, Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI is often an embarrassing and costly nuisance. Beyond the day-to-day problems like trying to cover leaks, wearing uncomfortable incontinence products for hours at a time, there is the possibility that surgery or medication may be the best option to reduce leaks. That is until Revive entered the market, offering a new solution for women nationwide without ever having to see a doctor to get a prescription.

What is Revive™?

What is Revive™ Revive supports the bladder to reduce leaks from the inside out. The device is inserted through the vaginal opening (like a tampon) to support the urinary tract. The soft, flexible design is meant to fit into the female anatomy comfortably and effectively for up to 12 hours a day. Revive is shaped like a pessary, a concept and shape that has been around since the times of ancient Rome to help women in cases of pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. Every box purchased contains the reusable bladder support, a reusable applicator, a month’s supply of disposable retrieval strings, and a travel case. The insertion, removal, and cleaning process is simple for any woman.

Who Can Use Revive™?

Who-Can-Use-Revive™ Revive is meant for women to use if they are experiencing SUI symptoms. These symptoms include light bladder leakage when running, jumping, stretching, coughing, laughing or any other activity that contracts or puts pressure on the urinary tract or bladder. Women that have SUI experience these leaks because the pelvic floor is weakened or damaged often through childbirth or muscle loss with age. That being said, there are certain women that should be using Revive and those who should not, depending on symptoms, medical, and physical factors. If you and your doctor or a healthcare professional have determined that your incontinence is stress (or pressure) related activities and you likely have SUI, give Revive™ a try. However, if you fall into one of the following categories, Revive is not right for you:
  • You have Urge Incontinence
  • You have a urinary tract infection or other infection such as TSS
  • You are menstruating (you may use Revive when you’re not)
  • You’ve given birth in the last 6 months
  • You’re recovering from a surgical procedure that involves the pelvic floor (hysterectomy, sling, etc.)
If you’re not sure if Revive will be the right choice for you, contact your doctor to confirm your symptoms and understand your options. If you already use Revive but experience complications like problems urinating, an infection, or consistent discomfort when using Revive, discontinue use and talk to a healthcare professional.

One Comfortable Size

Revive is made in one size, so there is no need to size and fit a different device with the help of a doctor. The specific shape is designed to compress to fit the natural curves of the vaginal tract while still providing support to the urethra to reduce leakage episodes. It’s made out of comfortable silicone and is latex-free for women that have allergy or irritation concerns. In clinical trials, 90% of participants felt that Revive was a good fit upon first use and 83% would recommend it to others. Not only is the device comfortable, it’s effective with 71% of subjects reporting a reduction in symptoms and felt dry 75% of the time. Revive is a Class 2 Medical Device that has been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter use (January 2019), meaning you don’t need a prescription in order to purchase the product! And because Revive offers internal all-day support, it eliminates extra embarrassing bulky material and odors that may come with the use of incontinence pads.


Healthcare is a delicate and topical subject with it being the top concern for households as well as political platforms. In reality, millions of people—27.4 million nonelderly individuals in the US—remain without coverage, according to a 2017 study. Without healthcare coverage, patients can be looking at out of pocket costs of $150 to $300 without insurance for a regular PCP visit. If the visit is through the hospital at an emergency room, then the fees can soar to $375 to more than $700+ without insurance. Doctor visits at home can range anywhere from $200 to $550, depending on how far the doctor has to travel and what needs to be diagnosed. We feel that women deserve to live comfortably and well, even if they do not have access to a healthcare provider. With Revive available over-the-counter, women nationwide can get real support and relief from SUI symptoms without insurance or a trip to the doctor. Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Revive™ is available at major retailers nationwide wherever feminine hygiene products are sold. Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy,harmon Face Values and Giant Eagle grocery stores all carry Revive on their shelves. In addition, you can also purchase Revive online to save on a trip to the store or pharmacy. You can use the convenient store locator on Revive’s website to find a location near you. Revive comes from the women’s health company, Rinovum. Rinovum is committed to supporting women and their health. Sign up for our newsletter and get a discount code to save 20% off your order!