The Causes of Light Bladder Leaks

Most women know that as they age, their body changes over time. One of the changes that women tend to expect is some sort of urinary incontinence or small bladder leaks. While it's an embarrassing problem that isn’t at the top of the conversation list, it is one that's much more common that one might think, affecting one in four women over the age of 18 in the US.

What Do We Mean When We Say Light Bladder Leaks?

What Do We Mean When We Say Light Bladder Leaks If you’re experiencing light bladder leaks, you’re probably wondering “what exactly is going on?” In the case of Urge Incontinence, the leaks occur because you are unable to make it to the bathroom due to the sudden and intense urgency to go. However, if your leaks happen when you sneeze, lift, laugh, or put any other pressure on the urinary tract or bladder you’re likely experiencing Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI. SUI occurs for two reasons, and both are having to do with pelvic floor health and strength. Urethral hypermobility, in which your urethra shifts position due to an increase in abdominal pressure, and intrinsic sphincteric deficiency (ISD) when your sphincter doesn’t seal off effectively at your bladder. Both are closely related and it is thought that most SUI sufferers have a little bit of both that contribute to leaks. But how do women even develop stress incontinence? Is it just another sign of aging, like going grey and wrinkles?


Causes The truth is that there is no one answer as to why a woman may develop SUI, it can be a combination of reasons and causes. There may be simple solutions for lighter leaks, while others may interrupt the quality of life so much that drastic medical measures must be taken. So, what are some of the reasons a woman may start having light bladder leaks? Surgery - Surgeries like hysterectomies, or other surgeries that involve or invade the pelvic floor muscles and nerves increase the risk of weakening it. The weakening of the pelvic floor or even surrounding tissues may cause some women to experience light bladder leaks. Childbirth & Hormonal Changes - Many women experience leaks after they have a child. Childbirth is traumatizing to a woman's pelvic health, and although their bodies are made to be resilient post-pregnancy, SUI may be an after-effect of giving birth vaginally. In addition, all women go through menopause and the production of estrogen is slowed during this period in a woman’s life. Estrogen helps line the tissue that supports the urethra and less of it may result in small leaks. Years of High-Impact Activity - Former athletes often report stress incontinence symptoms more than those who have not had years of training and practice wearing down the body. Activities like running, jumping, and cycling impact the pelvic floor muscles over time and may result in leaks the next time you go out for a run. Obesity - Being overweight or obese inherently adds extra pressure to the bladder and urinary tract, which can weaken muscles over time. Smoking - Smoking causes chronic coughing, which can weaken pelvic health and muscles over time. Nicotine is also a known bladder irritant and can lead to bladder cancer causing further incontinence problems. Age- Although SUI shouldn’t be normalized as a trait of aging, it is more common in older women. Beyond the hormonal and physical changes a woman's body may go through in her life, as we age, muscles lose mass, flexibility, and mobility and this includes the muscles that regulate the urinary tract.

Why Choose Revive™?

Why Choose Revive No matter the cause of your leak, there are solutions out there for you. Everything from Kegel assistance apps and devices to surgeries can help women suffering from light leaks to keep dry and maintain their quality of life. However, not all incontinence products are created equal. Only the new bladder support device called Revive™ is designed specifically for women to wear safely and comfortably all day. Safe - Revive is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use and has gone through clinical trials and studies to test for safety and effectiveness. Comfortable - The unique, flexible design of Revive was created to fit comfortably for your body’s anatomy. In clinical trials, 90% of participants felt that Revive was comfortable on the first use. Application is made to be simple for all women, and the support can be worn for up to 12 hours a day! Reusable - Revive is able to be removed, cleaned, and reused to save money and reduce the non-biodegradable waste that is going into landfills. Cleaning and reusing is simple and safe, and Revive includes a month's supply of retrieval strings to use! Effective - The most important characteristic of Revive is that it works. In clinical trials 71% of women experienced a reduction in their symptoms and felt dry 75% of the time.