Managing Leaks on the Go

There is enough stress in being constantly on the move without having to worry about light bladder leaks. As women, we’re constantly on the go. Soccer games, meetings, birthday parties, business trips, it never ends! Especially in the summer months with travel and vacations, it's hard to cover up and manage SUI. While Stress Urinary Incontinence can be an embarrassing nuisance, there are tools and tips to help prepare for dealing with it on the go so you can keep up without missing a beat.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared If you know that you suffer from the occasional leak when you cough, bend or laugh, be prepared! This advice is certainly redundant to a lot of women that have SUI, but it is important enough to mention over and over again. Try having extra clothes and underwear in your car or at the office to change into just in case a leak occurs during the day. Having an extra sweatshirt or sweater to tie around your waist is also a great way to cover up an accidental leak. On the go emergency clean up kits like this one from Amazon, are a good item to carry in your bag or keep in the car. It includes a new pair of underwear, a pantyliner, fresh wipe, and wash bag, and while it’s description indicates it's for feminine hygiene or menstruation, it can be used for bladder leaks as well. Overall, having a prepared mindset (like women often do) and prepping for the worst-case scenario can help women cover up and manage their leaks.

Manage Odor

Manage Odor One of the more embarrassing problems that can occur with bladder leaks is the odor. Even if you manage to absorb or cover the leak, urine can smell after sitting and can be difficult and embarrassing to mask for many women. Especially being on the go it’s hard to tell when the next rest stop or opportunity to take care of the situation will be. There are some steps you can take to help reduce the smell of your urine that may be useful if you’re experiencing the occasional leak with stress incontinence. Stay Hydrated - Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water dilutes urine and its smell. Cranberry Pills - Drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements helps urinary tract health and reduces the acidity of urine. Change Your Diet - Food and drink with strong odors like coffee and garlic can have an effect on urine smell. Deodorizing Tablets - Internal deodorizer tablets like Nullo help neutralize smells. Vitamin C tablets (not just citrus fruits!) can also have a similar effect. Of course, practicing good hygiene habits regularly and staying healthy help manage odor as well. Keeping your body and surrounding environment clean is key to ensuring that no smells linger on surfaces. If you feel that your urine odor is especially strong or abnormal, contact your doctor - it could be an infection or something more.

Disposable Products

There are incontinence products for women to help them navigate day-to-day life with minimal disruption caused by bladder leaks. Pads and liners are used much like they are for periods, as absorbent products used to protect clothing and surfaces from leaks. Usually, these products can be left in use for a couple of hours but will need to be changed to prevent odor, excess fluid leakage, or infection. Incontinence underwear are meant to be worn like normal underwear but are made to help absorb leaks. These are either disposable or meant to be washed regularly with your laundry. Again, a downside of these is the need to change to avoid hygienic issues and the possibility of being forced to remain in them until being able to change.


Revive Another solution for women managing their leaks on the go is Revive. Revive is a bladder support device designed for women to help reduce leaks and stay dry. It is reusable, safe, and clinically proven to be comfortable on the first fit. Available at retailers nationwide without a prescription, it is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use. This device can be inserted without a healthcare provider, meaning it can be placed discretely any time anywhere for up to 12 hours a day so you can be on the go and stay dry.