Interview with Colleen Lynch-Harshman

Revive™ is designed for real women to help improve their quality of life every day by reducing leaks from the inside out. We recently had a chance to talk with Colleen Lynch-Harshman, a yoga instructor and mom from Pittsburgh that suffers from light bladder leaks. In our interview, we talk about how leaks impact her day-to-day and how Revive™ was different than anything she’s tried before (and why she loves it!) Question: We have to start with the basics: Name, age, and what you do. Colleen: My name is Colleen, I’m 50, and I am a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, and wellness advocate educator at Welcome Integration, which I own. I also represent and sell essential oils. Q: As for your medical history, can you tell me a little about that? Things that would impact your leaks like having kids, for example. C: I have two kids and have been pregnant three. My son is my oldest, he’s 25, and Delia is 13 now. I carried both of them full term and had vaginal births both times. More recently though, I guess having my gallbladder surgery in 2016 didn’t help. I also had a procedure for my Crohn's Disease in 1997. They opened my whole stomach up for that one. I have also been using a steroid inhaler because I pulled my hamstring recently and coughing made it worse, but I’ve been going to physical therapy for that. Q: When did you first notice your leaks? After your first or second child? C: Oh, definitely after Delia. But maybe a year and a half after I gave birth, so I would have probably been about 38. It didn’t happen at all with Cullen, but they are 12 years apart. What triggers your leaks throughout the day Q: What triggers your leaks throughout the day? C: Coughing, laughing too hard, yoga poses, running, stuff like that. With Suki (her dog) being so sick towards the end, I was lifting her up and down a lot too, which was making me leak a little. I even have them when I do chair yoga. Q: What do you do to deal with those? Do you try to cover them up and move on, do you stop what you’re doing? Like what happens if you’re teaching a class and have a leak? C: That’s happened in class before. I had at least a quarter-sized leak happen. I just sucked it up and hoped no one noticed. At the gym, I just hope people think it’s sweat! If I’m with friends, I tend to stand cross-legged just because I know I’m going to end up laughing, so I might as well prepare. I took Delia to the trampoline park the other week and me and another mom, who’s still in her twenties, by the way, both ended up having to squeeze our legs to make it to the bathroom. We thought we were empty! Apparently not. When in doubt, I end up using the finger method. Nothing stops a leak like your finger at the last second. Q: So what sort of products have you tried to help with your leaks? C: I’ve tried those Poise tampons and pads and such. I don’t like how dry they feel, I mean as I get older having cotton in or around my parts is just becoming more and more uncomfortable. Plus, it feels unfair that I have to have tampons for my period and my leaks. That’s just a lot. I’ve also seen a difference in my leaks because I’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises at physical therapy. The Diva Cup also kind of ends up stopping my leaks when I use it, but not as good as your device. Q: Yeah, let’s talk about Revive. Did you like it? What are your thoughts? C: I really liked it! It kept me dry, it was super easy, and I hardly noticed it when it was in. And unlike the Diva Cup, the clean up is easy and not gross so you can do it pretty much anywhere. It was flexible and I could move around, it was great. And I liked that it came with the precut strings and carrying case, too. It didn’t get stuck when it was time to come out, either. I’ve had that happen with tampons. Q: Did you have any comments for us? As far as instructions or packaging? C: No, I’m pretty conscious and aware of what I put in my body so I really appreciate the instructions that came in the box. They were really in-depth and informative which is important to me. And like I said, I did really like the case, too. We’re very grateful to Colleen for taking the time out of her active life to talk with us about her experience with light bladder leaks and Revive! Sign up for our newsletter and get a discount code to save 20% off your order!