How to: Replace the Revive® Strings

For women that experience light bladder leaks from Stress Urinary Incontinence, finding a solution that is right for you and your lifestyle may seem nearly impossible. Pads and liners can be bulky, uncomfortable, expensive, and create a ton of waste. Surgical procedures to reduce leaks may be painful and risky, even dangerous. Physical therapy and pelvic floor exercises like Kegels are effective but may take time to see results. There are medications, hormone treatments, and even Botox injections that women can use in hopes of staying dry throughout the day. That’s where Revive® comes in.

What is Revive®?

v Revive® is a bladder support device specifically designed for women that are suffering from leaks associated with stress incontinence. To be clear, Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), is a form of urinary incontinence that is triggered when the bladder or urinary tract is put under stress or pressure. The leaks can come regardless if you have to “go” during activities or actions like running, jumping, lifting, sneezing, or laughing. Revive was created to fix that. Inserted like a tampon, the silicone pessary device internally supports the bladder and urinary tract to reduce leaks. The device can remain inserted to help you stay dry for up to 12 hours a day, no need to change pads or liners. Once you are done with use, the device is made to be removed, cleaned and stored for up to 31 uses, saving both money and waste produced in comparison to using pads or liners to manage leaks. Every box includes the Revive device, applicator, replacement strings, and a carrying case. After each use, it is imperative to properly clean and store the device, as well as replace the retrieval strings. Let’s go over how.

How to Restring Your Device

How to Restring Your Device After removal, the strings must be disposed of. After cleaning the Revive device and applicator, and discarding the used string, you need to restring before using the device again. To do this follow the following steps:
  1. Ensure that the applicator and bladder support are clean.
  2. Remove a new string from the pack and loop the string around the inner ring of the bladder support and feed string behind the tab.
After the string is securely tied into the device, Revive is ready to be loaded into the applicator, inserted, and used to keep you dry all day! Note that you should never have Revive preloaded into the applicator for extended periods of time, this may distort the shape.


Here are a few common questions and answers that users have when it comes to Revive, how it works, and safety information. Click here for our full FAQ page. Can I Go to the Bathroom with Revive? Yes. You do not need to remove the device before using the restroom. The device should not prevent you from urinating or fully emptying your bladder. If you are unable to urinate or empty your bladder, remove the device. The device does not block the urethra opening, from which you urinate from. The device provides extra support to your urethra from the inside out, to help to prevent leaks from happening. Will it Be Uncomfortable to Go? No, you should not feel any discomfort while urinating with the Revive bladder support device in place. If you feel the bladder support is uncomfortable after inserting or it moves out of place, wash your hands and try to reposition with your finger. If you still feel discomfort, please remove the device. Can I Reuse the Retrieval String? No. Like a tampon string, the Revive string is designed for single-use to minimize the risk of infection from reusing the string. What if the Strings Break/Get Lost? In the rare event that the removal string breaks or becomes detached, you can retrieve the Revive bladder support device using your fingers. First, please make sure to wash your hands, recline back and insert your fingers to remove the bladder support device (similar to removing a diaphragm, birth control device or a tampon without a string). If you find you are unable to manually remove the bladder support device and string, please reach out to your healthcare provider for additional guidance on removing. Can I Use Revive with Additional Strings? Revive comes with the reusable tray, (1) Bladder Support, (31) strings, an applicator and the Instructions for Use. The Revive Bladder Support has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was cleared for over-the-counter use. The Revive Bladder Support was clinically tested for up to 31 uses. After 31 uses of the bladder support and applicator, please discard in the trash. Like a tampon string, the Revive string is designed for single-use to minimize the risk of infection from reusing the string.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Tired of light bladder leaks holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest? Try Revive! You can find us in the feminine hygiene aisle at one of these retailers nationwide: You can also find us online on Amazon! Find a retailer near you with our store finder.