Everybody is Different: Why Revive™ Works in One Size

Millions of women a year, as well as a lot of men, suffer from Urinary Incontinence (UI). Specifically, a form of UI that is triggered by pressure or stress on the abdomen or bladder called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). For those suffering from SUI going out and enjoying life can become a nuisance. Small things can start to trigger leaks: running, laughing, lifting, even sneezing. While the answer to help solve the problem for some rests with wearing protective pads, the revolutionary new bladder support device for women called Revive™ offers an easier and more comfortable solution that works from the inside out. www.userevive.com

Revive Works From The Inside Out to Reduce Leaks

Revive Works From The Inside Out to Reduce Leaks Revive works from the inside out and was designed specifically for women and their anatomy. To understand how Revive was designed, it's important to understand what causes light bladder leaks. Leaks associated with SUI are caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles or surrounding nerves and tissue. This can be caused by repeated impact over time, natural muscle loss with age, or vaginal childbirth. With Revive, the device is inserted to support these weakened or damaged muscles. Made out of soft silicone material it’s meant to be comfortable and safe inside the vaginal wall. Once inserted, women may find that this reduces, or completely eliminates, the leaks they are experiencing.

Revive Is As Simple To Use As A Tampon

Revive-Is-As-Simple-To-Use-As-A-Tampon By the time most women who develop SUI have their first leaks they are experts at using a tampon or are at least familiar with the application process. To ensure that the device was simple, comfortable, and approachable for women to use, keeping the design familiar was important. Revive is similar to a tampon in a couple of ways: Plastic applicators meant for insertion, a way to dispense the product via the applicator and retrieval strings. To use Revive, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Get into a comfortable seated or standing position (however you would be positioned for tampon insertion)
  3. Hold the applicator with the thumb grip facing up
  4. Place your index finger on the end of the applicator advancer and your thumb and middle finger at the neck of the applicator, on the thumb grip.
  5. Insert the applicator tip into your vagina and gently push the applicator until you feel resistance (again, similar to a tampon.)
  6. Push the advancer all the way until it stops.
  7. Pull out the applicator and check to see that the bladder support is comfortable and that the string is hanging outside of your body.
  8. After removal, make sure to wash and properly store Revive until next use.
The device should feel comfortable. If after insertion you notice some discomfort try adjusting the device internally with your finger. If you notice persistent discomfort when using Revive, discontinue use and consult a physician - Revive may not be right for you.

Who Shouldn't Use Revive?

What may be the right solution for one woman, may not be the right one for the next, and while Revive was designed for all women in mind it was designed for women experiencing SUI and cannot fix all incontinence problems. Women that are pregnant, or have given birth in the last 3 months should not use Revive. In addition, women who have had a miscarriage or any surgical procedure that involves the pelvic floor (vaginal, perineal, or uterine) or if you have had an intrauterine device (IUD) placed in the past 6 months should not use to use Revive. Women that are bleeding or experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI) should not use Revive until the situation is resolved and a physician gives the okay. If you’re experiencing the sudden need to urinate and consequently cause leaks, you may be experiencing Urge Incontinence in which case Revive is not right for you.

Revive is One-Size-Fits-Most

Revive is One-Size-Fits-All It seems almost impossible that anything women wear, inside or out, can come in a size that is made for everyone. Even the incontinence pads meant to help simplify and improve a woman's quality of life comes in so many sizes and material, it’s hard to know if you purchased the right one for you. However, women’s anatomy (there are always exceptions, but they are rare and if you have any concerns you should consult with your physician) is basically the same on the inside. With this in mind, Revive was designed with a unique shape meant to naturally fit in the vaginal tract. Revive is also FDA-cleared for over the counter use, meaning it’s considered safe for women to buy at a store and insert themselves without the need for a healthcare professional. This also makes more comprehensive leak protection available for women who cannot go to a doctor due to financial or accessibility problems. Sign up for our newsletter and get a discount code to save 20% off your order!